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PonderMonster's DMB Puzzle Treasure Hunt Adventure! DMB Gorge 2015

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EVERY pledge gets a piece of art from PonderMonster, and all pledges are entered to WIN various one of a kind sketches until time runs out!

These prints from the Gorge 2015 are finally available, but ONLY via Kickstarter!

Signed and numbered (run of 41)
-"Big Eyed Fish"
-"Let You Down"
-"Dreaming Tree"


Moving on... Strap in for this HUGE bonus adventure, because this post is part TWO of the DMB Gorge treasure hunt by PonderMonster!

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THIS IS THE STORY about how 9 paintings were hidden over the course of 5 days, found by 9 completely different people who have NEVER met, given the task to FIND each other, REASSEMBLE the puzzle AND take a photo together (with the COMPLETED piece) within the last 24-hours of Labor Dave Weekend!! 

In other words... "This sh*t just got real."

Let's Begin

Leading up to what is essentially Mecca for Dave fans, the PonderMonster treasure hunt for the Gorge 2015 had to be special. Always flooded with ideas and inspiration for various paintings based on a particular dMb song, there is one group of songs that continue to baffle the mind.

Number songs.

They all have their own special meaning, and they can't be grouped together for any other reason other than their titles are named after numbers. Seven (7), 27, 34, 36, 40 & 41.

Now, to those who aren't Dave fans, one might imagine that naming songs after numbers is just lazy. Well, there's not much time to make a case against that, but they DO all makes sense and are all unique to the reasons why they were chosen to be the number that has been assigned for each.

Each and every numbered song has a special place in everyone's heart for various reasons. There were a number of times that an idea for a painting was sketched out for "41" in particular, but the feeling of the lyrics could not be interpreted the way it was envisioned to convey what the song means to me... yet. There are hopes to still create a painting for "41".

Before the conclusion to create a puzzle was made, brainstormings sessions took place. First, thoughts on what number songs there actually are, and the question of doing something like 34 AND a 34 came up, and how this could possibly be interesting enough to create excitement for all of YOU beautiful people. Admittedly, a painting with only a number on it is probably not that exciting. So the brainstorming continued. How can they be numbers, PonderMonster-style, and dMb related?

...and the octothorp ties it all together. (Click on the word, I'll wait)

Welcome back! Learn something? Hope so.

The Sketch:

From Sketch to Painting

The blank canvases...

Working diligently to make it perfect...

The finished product!!!

The Puzzle
Comprised of 6 numbers, 3 beautiful letters, and all tied together by one gigantic octothorp.

Amazing how many reasons there are to love this "#" symbol. Not only is it a huge number sign for these numbered songs, an octothorpe for all you word nerds, or a pound sign for those who remember touchtone phones... it also represents the hashtag that PonderMonster lives by!

So what am I going to do with this thing? Hide it all at once? Hide each piece individually? Would someone really just want a "b" or a "34"? How are they going to take the best picture for others to understand what they have just stumbled upon.

Another epiphany! What if they all had to find each other to put the puzzle back together?!

As a huge Zelda fanatic, this idea somewhat came from the hunt to track down and rebuild the Tri-Force to unleash its true powers against evil. Knowledge, Courage and Power of course...

Making it Happen

Some things left to skill, some things left to past experience, some things left to blind faith. The paintings all had to be hidden in a time frame where they could all be found, posted, and leave enough time for each person to find each other. Got it. Hide 3 paintings everyday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This gives the finders both Saturday and Sunday to find a time to get together and make this epic photo come together.

The most important key to making this successful will HAVE to be the letter. So after hours of perfecting my words, this is what accompanied the first set of paintings.

That's right. All 3 paintings spelling out "dMb" were dropped at once, but we all know that "With great power... comes great responsibility." (Had to finish that quote for all those who aren't as nerdy as some of us) Besides, who wants just a "d" or "b"? The "M" maybe, but this was for sure the best option.

The Letter

This letter has it all to get the ball rolling.  It says what it is, who I am, what to do with it, and where it belongs in the puzzle as a whole. The next letter I added an extra piece of motivation of, "The world is watching" to help show the seriousness and magnitude of what they have just found.

The First Drop

Before we rolled into Wildhorse Campground on Wednesday morning, we pulled over off of Exit 143 to post the first round of paintings! Yep. You know EXACTLY where this is don't you?

"dMb" hiding spot. The post: "Mwahahahahaha!!! Let's start this sh*t off properly. The treasure hunt has begun! Welcome home everyone."

With this set in place, the help of a little velcro and a kiss to the wind for luck, this journey has begun...

BAM! Found.

Found by some homegrown (CO) heroes and a familiar face! Friends from back home ended up getting there not long after this was posted. Their camp ended up being almost right next to us at Wildhorse Campground, and their excitement to have made this find was so awesome to witness! It sounded like they almost rolled their car pulling over so fast to snag the paintings!

However, they KNEW the task at hand, and got down to business!

This set the tone for the adventure that would ensue to complete this seemingly daunting task. They were the most motivated individuals I had ever come across. Although they came to me from time to time for clues or help, all I could do was put up my hands and say, "Sorry, it's no longer my responsibility. Go forth and make this happen, and remember... the world is watching."

Cool. Great start! Which one should I do next? Let's start low and work our way up to "41".


The hiding spot. The post: "Well, HELLO ToupsTown! 7 wanted to come play..."
Dropped off in the always fun Toupstown in Wildhorse Campground, this one sat out next to the pool that probably never got used. Damn it was a chilly weekend!


The letter

Hiding spot. The post: "Don't worry... I'm making my way to you guys next. Who's ready for me?" (Referring to trying to hide paintings in other camp areas, but I was unsuccessful. Shut down by tight security... which I can appreciate, but still.)


Hiding spot. The post: "#34 painting dropped. So if you decide to take an evening stroll tonight through the parking lots on the road to will call... look for vine row 34."


Hiding spot. The post: "Safety first." 

Found! (However the photo of the finder was NOT... it was, however, recently sent to me from the last blog post from the finder but I've spent WAY too long trying to find it while writing this and I just need to get it done and stop being frustrated. If I come across it, I'll post it.)

Hiding spot. The post: "Okay everyone. To shake things up, this whole last set is going to be rather random. Still possible to hunt down, just more difficult and designed for more random action!"


This, still, is the first and only post (complete with hashtag) from the finder... Congratulations! We all have a soft spot for Honey Buckets, us Gorge goers, don't we?

Hiding spot. The post: "You will go in this way, and you'll find your own way out... Walking from general camping."

RANDOMLY found by another Colorado native! This one didn't know of PonderMonster beforehand. Rockstar. Also, one hell of a photo! Thank you for this. I'm going to make it a game this next go around to have a "best photo" contest.

All paintings accounted for! Now...

The Task at Hand
Now begins the final phase to the PonderMonster puzzle challenge! Come together as a group to take a photo of all the finders holding the pieces together to recreate the whole puzzle. 

The 3 fabulous finders from day one have been on a focused rampage from the beginning, absolutely DETERMINED to make this happen.

I just so happened to walk by their camp to find that they had a chart mapped out with names! They were putting in all the work needed to perfectly coordinate a meet up. Check this out...
Such a cool thing to witness. It brought a tear to my eye to know that people ACTUALLY care about what I do, and still kind of does now that I think about it. It's a battle to want to continue doing this sometimes because I often think no one really cares what I do. So, thank you. Really.

There we rumors that they had all found a way to contact each other through the posts on Instagram. With ONLY Saturday and Sunday to find a way to come together to complete the final mission, I heard that they picked Saturday as their day to meet.

Something happened. Scheduling must have gotten tangled in the throws of the festival atmosphere, and the initial plan to meet up was unsuccessful. Determined to make this happen, they found another time to meet on Sunday, the LAST POSSIBLE DAY to do this.

With what appears to be INSIDE the venue, they create a meeting place for everyone to come together. Let me remind you that this is the first time most of these 9 individuals had ever met. I kept checking my feeds as the hours agonizingly passed by. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Then this happened...



It worked. It.. it really worked.

Oh my God it F*#KING WORKED!!!!!!

When I reposted this picture, I quoted something that Dave said at the Gorge about a glow stick worm that made its way all the way to the front of the crowd.

"Look at what you can do when you work together." -Dave Matthews

There's SO much truth to this and I'm flabbergasted by the results of what happened. Am I surprised? Yes and no. I'm surprised because there were so many factors that had to come together perfectly for this to actually work. I'm NOT surprised because humans are amazing, and can do AMAZING things. Especially with each other and for each other. Sometimes I think that we don't give people enough credit to think that we can actually all work together to accomplish goals. 

This re-creation was basically a miniature version of what we can all do as humans if we just all come together over love. This is something that I've found to flourish in the dMb family. The idea of love, family, connectiveness, teamwork, friendship, sharing and giving. Which brings me to another thing that happened from all these adventures! A bonus if you will...

The Bonus

An incredible fan of mine, who had found one of my paintings the first year I did this in 2014, took it upon himself to spread the same joy and love to the world. He purchased some prints from me, custom framed them and gave them to people all week long. He even left this one of "Little Red Bird" on his way out of town for someone to find. I don't know what happened to it, but the message of love and giving has been seeded in others and is growing. Also the much deserving finders of "34" and "7", these two tagged me in this photo to share a piece they had left behind for someone else to find. The post thanked me for everything I had done to make their weekend that much more special, and I can say the same right back.

The Conclusion

This has been the whole goal from the beginning! To INSPIRE others to give, to share, to love and to do it without reward, recognition or even a response. The practice of letting something, that means SO much to your soul, go. To release it into the world and in the off chance, have someone stumble upon it and have it change their life path, for the better, forever. Causing a chain reaction to TRULY make this world a better place! It is possible, and it does start with one person. You.

So from the bottom of my heart and depths of my soul, THANK YOU. Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing, thank you for giving, and mostly, thank you ALL for playing along with me in my favorite game ever...


Much LoVE,


P.S. Again, PLEASE consider helping my next dMb Gorge adventure possible by contributing to my Kickstarter. I want to make this year BIGGER and FUNNER than ever!

Kickstarter link:

It would truly mean the WORLD to me and to all those who are destined to find my works of LoVE. EVERY pledge will receive a piece of art from me, and ALL pledges will be eligible to win various prizes along the way until the clock hits zero. SHARE it, POST it, TAG it. Thank you.


DMB Gorge 2015 was crazy, amazing, and packed with non-stop action from the moment I got there, to the second I left.

Take a minute to look at this photo... what do you see?

If you said "Boyd's tour bus backstage at the Gorge!" You're absolutely correct.

Look a little closer...


Did you see this?!

Now, I'm not at liberty to say why I was there, but I CAN tell you that I had an incredible opportunity to film a project with Boyd all weekend long! Pretty surreal. Pretty amazing. In between filming every day, I was running around busting my buns doing the PonderMonster treasure hunt. I was in my FULL creative element all weekend long!

Many of you may have had the opportunity to meet Boyd in the past, and I'm sure you'd agree that he is one of the kindest souls one will ever come across in this life. The man exudes love and only wants to feel a connection to us all. If you've ever had a "Boyd hug", you know that he won't let go of you until he feels the warmth of your soul.

We had a great weekend together, some good conversations, tons of hugs and a few safety meetings along the way. You know because, safety first! On Sunday, before he started his prep for the show, I thanked him for letting me onto his project for the weekend and that I had a gift for him as a 'thank you'.

I explained to him a little bit about what I do, pulled a painting out of my bag said that it's rare for me to give one of these away. Usually one has to find it, or REALLY earn it. I handed him the "Much LoVE" piece and he looked up and me and said, "Aw man, thank you! I can keep this?!"

He gave me the biggest hug EVER and I told him to have a wonderful show. He had it in his hand, and said, "I know exactly where to put this. It's riding up front!" Boyd walked over to the front windshield of this bus, pulled the blinds and set it on the dash!

Little did I know, that #MuchLoVE is a frequently used tag in his tweets. My tweet game is still in it's infancy, so I didn't really know this until after, but it was a pretty amazing coincidence that we frequently use the same words of love.

What an experience! Looking forward to seeing him, and possibly the rest of the band, this upcoming 2016 Gorge weekend. Dave was right that Sunday night, and it was one of the best setlists I'd yet to experience live. It truly was a "HUMDINGER"!!!

Thanks for the memories.

Take me back...


Thursday, January 28, 2016

PonderMonster DMB Collection 2015 - dMb LoVE and Lyric Paintings

HOLY SMOKES, what an amazing treasure hunt for 2015!!!!!

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Okay now... This adventure needs to be broken up into a couple of blogs. 18 art drops is too much to read (and write) all at once, so they will be separated into lyrics & LoVE blog, and a dMb puzzle blog.

Just so you know, of the18 dMb paintings dropped, all but one was found and responded to, which might be a new record! One of the Denver, CO dMb LoVE paintings may be lost forever and there are also a couple of "Much LoVE" paintings along the way are still unanswered, but I'll hold onto hope that maybe someday, they'll resurface.

This project was extremely fun to do and make, and I hope you all had an amazing time playing along with me. Even if you didn't find one, know that it means the WORLD to me that you tried, or even sat back and watched it happen.

The PonderMonster dMb LoVE Paintings (Hidden inside the venue during the shows):

These dMb LoVE paintings were created for 2 Denver, CO shows and 3 Gorge shows.

The PonderMonster dMb Lyric Paintings (Gorge only, hidden during the daytime outside of venue):

"Let You Down"

"Dreaming Tree"

"Big Eyed Fish"


Turns out, they played none of these songs...

HOWEVER, they were all found and spectacularly responded to!

The Letter:

These letters are stashed and attached to each painting to help guide the finder to respond in the way I'm hoping for.  It's taken a long time to craft the words just right and is WAY more difficult than one would imagine to get the proper desired response. It's quite the social experiment.

Okay, this is a bit frustrating. I'm searching around looking for photo responses for 2 of these LoVE paintings, and they're gone/deleted/vanished/disappeared... GAH! Well, if they're found they'll be added in later. In the meantime, here are the 5 hiding spots of the "dMb LoVE" paintings and their respective finders (2 of them).

Denver Night 1 (Fiddler's Green):

Many apologies, however out of my control, cell service this night was non-existant. So this one was left up to fate. Planted between set break, and still there after the show ended (went back to check on it).

PonderMonster in the pit, photobombed by new friends!

The hiding spot: in the tree cave along the Alice in Wonderland area.
The finder: UNANSWERED. However, I might know what happened to it. Hoping anyways. As mentioned above, I went back to check on it, because cell service was bunk that night and I couldn't upload the photo, it was still there. Kinda bummed, but had hope for someone to see it. As I watched it from a few feet away, someone walked up to it, touched and left. WTF?! I then heard an uproar of giggling behind me. Upon turning around, there were to guys laying down looking up at the trees laughing. Trippers. YAY! (From what I could gather anyways, I suppose one should not assume). Anyways, it's aways fun to recognize and see a potential adventure/task to send a tripper on. My lady and I go and sit next to them and say "hello". We strike up a bit of a conversation and come to find out that they are brothers and are experiencing many new things for the first time this evening. So, I tell them that there is a special surprise within their space if they can find it. A treasure, to hunt. They sit up, intrigued and start looking around. They can't see very well, and can't stop laughing. So I point out the direction of where to go and stress that they mustn't leave this area without finding this treasure, which I further explain is a small painting. As I explain this, he pulls out his phone and video records my every word. I tell him that I am PonderMonster on Instagram, and he goes on to tell me his name, @TheBrandonSpecial, and that it's the name of a sandwich that he orders regularly at a food joint in Boulder, CO. Consisting of grilled string cheese and hotdogs. He's not very active on social media, but hopefully he'll read this and will be able to fill in the rest of the story. Fingers crossed.

Denver Night 2:
This time, to avoid being thwarted by crappy cell service, I went early to the venue to make this drop. Put it out in the open in a nearby spot that I can watch! Saw a few people take a look at it, even take its picture and touch it slightly. Searched the webs for it, with no such luck. Then as people began to fill into the venue, it was only a matter of time until someone came to snatch it up. This is exactly what happened.

The Finder:
As I was in the middle of a conversation with my seat neighbors, a figure out of the corner of my eye ran down the aisle and began bouncing around! Turning my head I see a well known fan of mine, and friend, snag the painting and take a selfie with it. She ran off in pure delight, and I couldn't be happier. She's been after one of these for a long time! She later sent me this photo, which must've have been taken a few minutes later back at her seat. I LOVE it. Crowd and venue in the background, and a painting in the hands of a well deserved finder. Congratulations Barb H.!

The Gorge 2015!

 (Where's Waldo?)
", he's just not trying anymore."
- Bart Simpson

P.S. Best Simpson's reenactment moment I've had in quite a while. Love this photo!

Caught in the act!
Flipping through Instagram, someone I had NEVER met spotted and posted this. Tagged me. LOL! At first it was a little creepy, but then it brought a big smile to my face. Sent them a message back saying to come over and say hi and not be such a creeper.

I love my fans... here's my creeper, who's not creepy at all. Thanks for coming to say hi! Pretty flattered to be recognized!

Gorge Night 1:

The Hiding Spot...


Gorge Night 2:

The Hiding Spot...


Gorge Night 3:

Okay, this one is a bit of a story... It was a super long day for me, and long story short (which I'll explain in the next blog) I was doing a project with Boyd all weekend and it ate up all of my time. It was an AMAZING experience to say the least.

Running late to the show, the so-called "50th" DMB Gorge show, my soon to be wife and I were in search of a show poster because it also happened to be her 80th Dave show. We had missed our chance and all the booths were sold out. We finished looking at the last booth at the top of the lawn and started walking back to our seats. Someone passing by said, "Hey! I like your sparkly jacket!" Referring to my pre-wife's shiny attire. We started talking about how everyone keeps commenting on it. As we walked further down the lawn, someone else shouted at us. Thinking it was another person mentioning her jacket, I turned around and said, "Thanks!" Which just shows where my head was at, not in the moment.

Sarah, my pre-wife, looks at me and says, "No, they just said 'Hey PonderMonster'!" What? I got recognized? Sweet! It was a married couple, smiling and sitting on the lawn. I went up to them and apologized that I didn't hear them. They asked me where I was going to hide tonight's painting. Pulling the painting out of my pocket, I said, "Oh what this painting? I have no idea what you're talking about." 

We all had a laugh, and I introduced myself and they halfway jokingly said they had an extra poster and would trade it for the painting. I looked at Sarah, and thought to myself that I would do anything for her to get the poster she so very much desired. So, naturally, I agreed.

BUT, there was a catch. I told them that I HAD to hide it, because people are waiting for it, and I need to do something. I put it by his foot and said that they'd have to "find it". The man looked up at me and said, "Hold on." He slumped over, as to appear passed out. Perfect! I put it in his jacket and posted this photo with the caption:

Find this guy on the lawn before he awakens and it's yours.

My fans went nuts! I saw a few people running around the lawn searching for this guy, hahaha! It was pretty fun to watch, and I'm thinking that I may ACTUALLY do this to someone in 2016.


This is the face of a VERY happy fan, at the right place, at the right time, with the right words, and the right offer. Poster in hand, we all hug and tell each other to have a wonderful show. I would later end up having that poster signed by Boyd accompanied with a setlist of one of the most epic shows I've ever seen!

THE STORY GETS BETTER! Turns out we shared a common friend. My old college roommate/long-time friend mentioned in the comments that this guy is his BEST friend from the good old days and asked how the hell we knew about each other?! Well, we didn't know each other at all and we came together through DMB and PonderMonster completely organically! So amazing how small and wonderful this world is. We all now keep in touch, and they have even commissioned some private works from PonderMonster since this photo was taken. LoVE!!!!

Okay, now on to the lyric paintings!

Still with me? Good. I know it's a much bigger blog than normal. You're doing great!

These babies couldn't be left up to the chance of NOT being found, so they were carefully hiding in the day time outside of the venue around the surrounding Gorge community and areas.


The first lyric inspired painting, "Shotgun", was dropped Thursday on the sign at the entrance of Cave B.

The Hiding Spot
This is the FIRST of 4 PonderMonster lyric paintings!! Who's gonna get it?


Congratulations Emily G. for knowing exactly where to go to get the first of 4 lyric painting drops!

This painting was meant to be dropped inside the general camping area, but they wouldn't let me in. Bummer, but good to know they have good security over there. I'm glad this one was found. I put love into all my paintings, but this one means so much to me as a lifelong professional dream chaser. Hoping that it would be found by someone that cared, then this happened...

The Hiding Spot
Every path to a dream has to start somewhere. Why not here?

OMG THE FINDERS!!! (From Canada)
and another... Upper left corner:
Congratulations to this extended family of finders! This response warms my soul to no end. Thank you so much for the love and all your hard work trying to find me on the interwebs.

This painting will always remind me, and hopefully others, to be yourself. Love yourself, and know that everything you are is everything you're supposed to be.

Night 2, running late again... same Boyd scenario as was mentioned before, my fans had been waiting all day with no PonderMonster drop. Sometimes it pays to be late, so I decided to leave this one outside the fence of the venue to someone else who might be running a little behind, and hoping to still find a painting. PS, the will call line happened to be INSANE this night. I love how this one looks like the fish is looking to the other side.

Some of you have mentioned that the lyrics are incorrect. Well, that all depends on which version of the song you listen to. This particular version is from Gorge 2014 night 1, and has a super special place in my heart for magical

The Hiding Spot
A treat for anyone running late, or stuck in the will call line. Just remember, fighting to be yourself has a much greater payoff in the long run than fighting to fit in... Have a great show.

Congratulations to @cbrandonchapman who not only found this piece, but sent this EPIC photo, complete with tiger rug!!!! Thanks to him, this picture may have changed the PonderMonster game entirely. Nothing definitive yet, but I'm thinking there needs to be some kind of finder photo contest where the winner will get an extra super special amazing gift/prize!

Every time I look at this picture, I certainly give a hardy chuckle!

Did you survive the cold and wind night 2? Yeah, I barely did either... damn.

This painting was created BEFORE it was played for the first time since 1997 at Deer Creek 2015, but holy smokes I can't believe they brought it back! Unfortunately, as you already know, they did NOT play it at the Gorge this year. Although, the night 3 setlist was exactly what Dave said it was going to be, "A humdinger!"

The Hiding Spot

Happy night 3. You guys are amazing and have made this weekend unforgettable for me. SO SO SO much LoVE for ALL of you... seriously. 

Just realized I never re-posted this, bad PonderMonster!!! Sorry...

Congratulations to one of my favorite fans, @onesweetshorty! Much like myself, and I'm sure many others, you were hoping they'd hit us with this song that night, but they didn't. It's all good though, because you got this paintings and the night ROCKED!!! 


Will include the stories behind the PonderMonsterDMBpuzzle and this Much LoVE painting. Yep. That's inside Boyd's bus.

To Conclude

Words can not express my gratitude towards each and EVERY one one of you for playing along with my little game. It means the world to me, and as long as I am able, PonderMonster will do these treasure hunts til his last breath on this little Pale Blue Dot that we call home. It makes me happy, it gives me purpose, it spreads love, and fights evil in this world. I've been through too much pain in this life, and experienced first hand the things in this world that have been completely destroying humanity. The violence, hate, darkness and destruction can only be fought with ONE thing. Not politics, not parades, not prayers, not counter-hate... LoVE. Love will win this battle to make the world a better place. It's the ONLY thing I've ever found that people will react to for the better. There's no division with love. We all want love, and to be loved. I listen to Dave because I LISTEN to Dave. Hopefully you all do too, but if you don't, listen again and know that he's right.

"Love. What more is there?"

So until the next blog post, full of adventures, please take the time to share love in any way you can. Give. Give. Give. Give! I've have gained more in my life than I ever knew possible, and all I had to do was give everything away. "When you give, you begin to live. You get the world." It's true.


In further news, Gorge 2016 was announced, and PonderMonster's hunt will continue, but ONLY with your help as finances my make it near impossible.

PRINTS: Available soon! They are in the process of being made and are part an effort of raising money for PonderMonster to return to the Gorge in 2016. I'll need your help, otherwise it might not happen!

Stay tuned on how you can help, and as ALWAYS...

Much LoVE



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PS... on 9.19.2015 I married my LoVE, my best friend, my adventure partner for life... my @SarahSparkles41